Tomboy Lace

Lace Embrace Shawl

You know it’s really quite the question.  How did such a tomboy end up being a designer who loves to create lacy crochet projects?

Alpaca Hug Neck Cozy

Those who have known me for a significant portion of my life are a bit surprised when they see some of my designs.  Afterall, as a girl and young woman I was quite the tomboy.

I grew up in the middle of Kansas farm country and hard work was the watch word of the day.  My dear mother despaired of me ever staying neat and ladylike for more than 10 minutes.  She has been known to tell folks to this day that if there was a mud puddle to be found I would find it.

Most of my days were spent trying to keep up with my older brother.  Tramping about “exploring” the wooded areas around our pastures.  Climbing trees or on to the roof of the barn.  Horseback riding, bike riding, later on a bit of motor bike riding.

Somehow in the midst of all of that I did manage to learn to crochet, embroider  and sew.  I even grew to have a fondness for feminine and pretty clothing, though wasn’t much of a frou-frou person.  I’ve always loved draping flowing looks in garments though.

When I moved to Colorado in my early twenties I was in heaven.  There were lots of opportunities for a gal that likes the outdoors to stretch her wings.  I dressed during the week in appropriately feminine attire for the office, but my weekends were filled with hiking or skiing.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and I am living in a houseful of males.  Husband and 2 young sons manage to fill the house with a great deal of testosterone. Add to that our pets, a Pomeranian dog and a domestic short hair cat, are both males I am definitely needing more estrogen.

So it is fitting actually that I now seem to gravitate toward designing crochet items that use Lace and Open-work as a main feature.  Part of it is I have a love of creating fluid garments and lace or open-work is a good match for that, as well as being very yarn economical.

Little Wing Shawlette

I’m sure that over time there will be many other stitch styles I’ll utilize, but I’ll always enjoy exploring my “Tomboy Lace”.

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