Friendship Shawls

I received some exciting mail recently.  My designer copy of the new Go Crafty booklet from SoHo Publishing “Friendship Shawls”.  The booklet will be available at JoAnn Fabric and Craft stores.

The book contains patterns for 10 different wraps to crochet.  I designed the “Spice Island Lace Drop Shawl” on page 18. It is always so fun to see how one of my finished pieces will be styled for professional photography.

These are photographs I took of the shawl on my dress form before sending it off to Caron Yarns. It is worked in their “Spa” yarn, which is a favorite of  mine for shawls and transitional weather scarves.

3 thoughts on “Friendship Shawls

  1. I got confused on row 15. How do I repeat brackets and repeat included * to * section at the same time?
    Also, regarding Row 14, is it supposed to be asymetrical side to side. It had been symetrical up to this row.

    1. Hi Susan, Unfortunately it has been over 7 years since I wrote that pattern, so I don’t recall the exact details of the design. I also hadn’t heard if there were errors in the published pattern. It is a symmetrical design so should be coming out that way. It is a fairly repetitive lace pattern, with changes only for the increase points. If you look at the repeat for the lace pattern in your work it will hopefully make sense to you.

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