A Legend Lives On

Though Jean Leinhauser passed away this week, I feel like she is still here.

Her name is one many of us that love crocheting and knitting know well. She and Rita Weiss have been a true force in the publishing of crochet books and patterns.  I can’t really recall the first time I saw Jean’s name, it’s been a constant since I started reading crochet publications.  Her work and name are everywhere you look.

These books from my library are the two I have been reading as I remember Jean this week. One of my favorites “Crochet  Embellishments” and the most recent one I purchased “Crochet Master Class”.

There are many stories, from designers that have been in the business far longer than I, about Jean’s encouragement and her dedication to precise work.  The foundation of excellence and encouragement that she and her partner Rita Weiss have laid over the years will continue to grow and prosper in ways that they may have never foreseen or imagined.  I think that is one of the very best memorials to honor Jean.

I was never fortunate enough to spend much time with Jean, but my brief meetings with her made me smile.  Last July after the CGOA dinner and fashion show she scolded me for not entering my Ocean Waves Ruana in the Design Contest.  I promised her I would do better in 2011.  The conversation continued on a lighter note and we shared a good laugh about my gray hair.

I’m a bit sad that she won’t be there in person to see what I’ve come up with  for the design contest this year, but I know her legacy will be with all of us.

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