The Love of Friends

As part of my celebration of Thanksgiving week I am counting my blessings again. One that I really celebrate is having so many caring friends in my life.  Especially uplifting to me is the number of them that share my passion for all things yarnie.

This past Saturday I was down in Denver for my monthly pilgrimage to The Lambshoppe for Pajamma Jam.  On the magazine rack there was the new publication from Interweave Press “Interweave Crochet Accessories” that my design, Isosceles Scarf, is in.  This is my first design for Interweave and it was quite fun to have it in a magazine that is available at many LYSs.

Photos courtesy of Interweave Press

It is a special favorite with me as well because I got to use a bit of geekery in the design of it as well as in the naming of it. How often to you get to use geometrical terms in crochet pattern names (well, if you are me, as often as possible).

My wonderful stitching friends were all very excited for me.  It is such a joy to have people who believe in me and have faith in my ability to keep on reaching for my dreams. I know that my successes in the future will be in part due to the lift they give me with their love.

If you don’t have yarnie friends that you get to spend time with I highly recommend that you join the online site: Ravelry. For many years I had no-one to crochet or knit with, then I found Ravelry and I have found yarn friends far and wide because of it.