This has been a strange Thanksgiving week for my family. No traveling to see extended family and no stuffing our house full of friends and family on Thursday.

Instead this is a quiet and slightly late Sunday celebration this year. And one with many reasons to be grateful.

The month of November has been a bit more exciting than I would wish for. My father was hospitalized with a severe infection in his arm. My sons were evacuated from their school one afternoon due to a near-by house fire.  And my beloved husband has been dealing with health issues that his doctor wanted to hospitalize him for.

Fortunately, all is mostly well again.  My dad is nearly recovered from his infection.  The house-fire did not spread to the school or any neighboring homes and was put out completely less than 4 hours after it started.  My husband seems to be making a recovery despite refusing to go to the hospital.

I hope that all my US readers have had wonderful Thanksgivings themselves with time for family, friends and hopefully a bit of crochet or knitting.