Bang! 2012 is Rocking Already

Here we are one week into 2012 and I’m looking at my resolutions and goals once again. Didn’t we just do this?

I know I’m marking myself as gaining in years with this comment, but it does really seem like every year is passing by more quickly than it’s predecessor.  Of course it could be explained mathematically.  Yeah, like you didn’t see that one coming.

It’s all about proportionate relative POV (point of view).  For a child 5 years old, 1 year is equal to only 1/5 of his life experience. So that year seems to pass slowly as he anxiously awaits each of the markers of the passing year: Halloween, Christmas, his 6th Birthday.  Where for me at 48 years, 1 year is equal to 1/48 of my life experience and those same markers seem to come along at warp speed.

This New Year started off with a bang, work and family life were both keeping me on my toes, so getting to the blog has been a bit delayed.  Finally found a moment to think about what my resolutions are for this year.

#1 – Make time every week to play with my children. This has actually been going pretty well as the boys got lots of Legos and some board games for Christmas. I figure I need to make the effort to play with them while they want me to, as they are growing up so fast.

#2 – Do more volunteer work with organizations that matter to me.  I love going to the CGOA conferences each year to learn new techniques, spend time with crocheting and designing buddies and shopping the unique offerings at the marketplace.  I’ll be doing more with the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) this year than ever before.  Because I’ve agreed to work with Doris Chan and Shari White as part of the CGOA Design Competition committee.

#3 – Purge my household and creative “stuff” to create more space in my home and office. Yes, I seem to have this resolution every year (or some version of it) but it is a never-ending process as more “stuff” seems to come in on a daily basis.

M2H Designs: Tumbling Leaves Scarf

#4 – Publish at least 8 crochet designs in my M2H Designs line.  Just this week I published the first one of the year, Tumbling Leaves Scarf.  If I can manage to do that at least every month I’ll fulfill this goal easily.

#5 – Finish 2 fine art pieces of a good size. Say at least 1 foot by 2 feet. With all the design and writing work I’ve been doing recently, my art studio and art supplies have been getting lonely. I’ve also been wanting to make time to explore using more textile pieces and techniques in my “fine art” work.

#6 – Get back into a regular Yoga practice again, working up to doing an hour of yoga 3 times a week by the end of the year.  I have found my life more sedentary with the work I do now (design and writing), so making myself stick to regular exercise is becoming more important to my overall well-being.

One thought on “Bang! 2012 is Rocking Already

  1. Hello from Tuscaloosa alabama!! Just found you through “CrochetBug” (now i know why some of the names are in red!!!) Lucky Me… I am a great fan of hers. Now you are also one of my select bookmarks.Hope your Jan. goes well. as i reply Feb. is running up on us. I too am in your age bracket.LOL…Thanks for the great explanation on age and time. had heard it before but forgotten how to explain…looking forward to getting to know you.PEACE and BLESSINGS from a fellow crocheter..”ta-ta

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