Record Breaking Snowfall

For those of you that don’t know, my family and I live at approximately 8500 feet above sea-level on a mountain in the Colorado Rockies.  We can get some serious snow, especially in the spring-time.  This is one of many reasons my crochet design inspirations tend to be toward items to keep one warm. Like cozy afghans, warm hats, scarfs and mittens.  My all time favorites are fluffy shawls that can double as scarves or snuggly ponchos (cause they stay put when you are chasing small boys).

According to our neighbor, who is a meterologist at NOAA in Boulder, we have broken some records with this recent winter storm.  This is the most snowfall we have had in February since 1991, and February is only started.  The sun has come out now and it seems the flakes have stopped falling.

One of the beautiful things about Colorado is how we get sunshine even in the midst of winter. I always find fresh snow to be beautiful, but it is even more so with sunlight sparkling off it.  It all inspires me to take some artistic photographs of our yard and views.

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