Seriously Pink

Hot pink is sort of becoming my signature color. It all started with my Two Hands logo and has built from there. Whenever I am looking for items for my crocheting or other business needs I seem to find hot pink colored items catching my eye.

Such as the extremely portable Ott-lite that I keep in my project bag.

Or the protective cover for my Android Tablet.

Best latest Pink acquisition is my new set of Etimo hooks from the Tulip Company. I purchased these beauties at the Market during the Manchester Chain Link. In fact almost all of my shopping took place at their booth. Though these were the only Pink purchase.

I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them in the booth. Not only is the case nice and sturdy, but each of the hook handles is a different shade of pink. I’m not as thrilled with the pale pink ones…but they are a huge improvement over the dark gray handles of the original Etimo hooks. The hook sizes are in Japanese sizes, which makes no never mind to me as I go by the millimeter measurements anyway. 

And the metal of the hooks is a lovely pinkish silver color too.

So do you have an irresistible color, that makes you think you must have that ball of yarn or new tool? Look around your belongings and stash, you might get a smile realizing that certain colors seem to creep in when you are not thinking about it.

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