What’s This?!

Look what was outside my house this morning when I woke up. Yup, that white stuff is snow.

Actually, by the time I took these photos it had begun to melt away where the sun had been on it the longest. But according to our local meteorologist (who actually works for NOAA and lives in our neighborhood) we got nearly 2 inches of snow and we may get another 2-4″ tomorrow.

Funny thing that happens up here on the mountain though, it is warmer today than it was yesterday.  That is typical for the snow season, it has to warm up to give us snow.  Prediction is that it is going to stay cold here for the next couple of days.

So while the rest of you have Autumn right now, we have sped right into Winter here at the Graves house. Of course this is not that unusual for us, which is why I find it easier to design cold weather crochet projects.  Nearly 9 months of every year is pretty chilly up here.

The really good news? I love cold weather. I was already thinking about Christmas the other day, but it is even more on my mind now. Who knows, I might have all my Christmas gift giving wrapped and cards ready to send before December rolls around. Ha!