Frozen Beauty

Another very cold day up here on the mountain. Third day in a row that the temperature has been below 40F. Quite a lot below that last night and this morning. At 9 a.m. , when I was taking these photos, it was 25F.  Currently it is a balmy 28F. It will actually have to warm up a bit before we will get more snow.

This cold weather convinced me it was time to get the wood stove going again. So here is the first warming fire of the winter season (even if the calendar says it is still Fall).

Frost feathers on Pine Branches

If this is any indication, I’d better be prepared for some seriously cold temperatures this winter. I have been working with a lovely Alpaca yarn from my stash recently.  It is going to become a cozy set of Hat, Scarflette and Fingerless mitts. I like to wear the mitts over thin gloves, gives me warmth where I need it at the same time I have some dexterity with the exposed fingertips.

One of my favorite things to work on in the cold weather are afghans, especially ones with a simple stitch pattern that allow me to cozy up under the work-in-progress and happily stitch along whilst watching a show or movie.

Frost Feathers on Deck Fencing

What are your favorite cozy crochet items? Do you make hats, scarves or mittens for yourself? Or are you like me, so busy making gifts for others (or design pieces) that you never have any new crochet to wear for yourself?