Surprise Package!

One of the fun thing about being a designer/blogger is that every once-in-awhile yarn company’s will send a box of yarn and other goodies.  This is a great chance to review new products and swatch with new yarns to see if they will fit in with one of my designs.  I knew that Red Heart was sending me such a box, but had been so busy with work and family stuff it had slipped my mind.

So I was very pleasantly surprised today when the FedEx truck came and it was a box for me (instead of my beloved, who gets lots of boxes for work stuff).

Inside was this wonderful tote bag full of all kinds of fun stuff.

There are knitting stitch markers, chain for counting off stitches or rows, yarn cutter, knitting needles, crochet hooks, new issue of Crochet Today magazine, Susan Bates and Red Heart product catalogs and…..


More about all this fun stuff once I get caught up on some patterns.