Hanging on by a Thread

Funny thing about being a crochet designer, sometimes you find yourself being asked to design in a medium that you haven’t work with in ages.

Such is the case with me and thread work.

Long long ago when I was a shiny new penny, back when mammoths still roamed the world (so think my boys), I dabbled with thread crochet. My maternal grandmother had an antique store full of gorgeous vintage thread crochet and other wonders. I could kick myself for not paying closer attention then.

Photo courtesy of Annie's
Photo courtesy of Annie’s

Recently I have been designing in thread quite a bit. I just finished 3 designs for Coats and Clark that are scheduled to be unveiled later in 2013.  My most recent published thread design was “Maurine’s Angel” in the Crochet World December 2012 issue.

Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarn
Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarn

Earlier this fall my  “Day of the Dead” earrings were published on the Red Heart website. Thread is great for making jewelry because of the small-scale of the stitches, and tighter stitch work possible especially  with cotton thread.


Size #10 cotton thread is offered in a number of beautiful colors, so really lends itself to fun projects. Like my crocheted cover for my tape measure.


I love using both size #10 and #3 thread in my art pieces. Adding crochet to my mixed media pieces allows for interesting dimension and texture that I enjoy.


Like all the detailed leaves, flowers and butterflies on my bird house last spring.


My favorite projects to make in thread are Snowflakes for decorating my Christmas tree, or sending as gifts with Christmas cards. I have family and friends all over, so it’s nice to be able to send a pretty crocheted gift that will travel flat. I offered a pattern for the little snowflake on the right last December here on my blog.

5 Snowflakes - Universal Yarn
5 Snowflakes – Universal Yarn

I even designed a set of 5 snowflakes in Nazli Gelin thread for Universal Yarns. You can purchase the pattern leaflet for these snowflakes on the Universal Yarns website. One thing I love about this pattern leaflet is that there is both text and stitch diagrams for the instructions.

If you haven’t crocheted with thread for a long time, or ever, one thing to keep in mind is that it is a bit different that working with most larger yarns. The 100% cotton threads have no “give” to them at all, so remember to rest your hands often.  Who knows you might find yourself becoming a “threadie” before long.

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