My Supervisors

2013 has been moving fast. I’m busy with lots of crochet work, but being it is all still in the secret stage I can’t share about it yet.


Instead just a quick post today of my companions while I work.

The big guy on the right is our new addition to our family. His name is Fango. I know, it’s a sort of horrible name…but he came with it and it is the one he knows.  He is 6 years old and came to us thru the Rocky Mountain Labrador Rescue.

He had a rather rough time initially.  He had major surgery on his leg as well as 2 malignant tumors removed from his side. Fortunately he has recovered well from the surgeries and they are confident that the entire tumors were removed.  Almost half his body was shaved and he looked quite a mess when we first saw him.

He started off with a different foster family, then at Thanksgiving he came to stay with us while his foster family was out-of-town.  When they got back there were some emergencies with their family, so we volunteered to continue fostering him.  By Christmas time we had completely fallen in love with him, and after a family meeting we decided we needed to adopt him.

He is super mellow and a calming influence on our sweet Kenna girl. Loves to go for walks without dragging on the leash, and is very happy to play fetch.

The family has all agreed now that we have reached our dog capacity. So our volunteer efforts with RMLR will involve other contributions than fostering for a time.  Just as well, since we might end up with 3 dogs.

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