Smiling at Sparkles

Ball of Yarn

Okay, if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you likely know I have a thing about sparkly yarn. I love it! So I am thrilled that I’ve been asked to design something in Red Heart’s “Shimmer” yarn.

This is a lovely yarn with a subtle color-matched sparkle that is so fun. It’s available in a variety of solid colors and subtle color-changing heathers.

Close Up of Color

I really like the colorway “Lipstick” that I’m working with. Strands of different colors from purple to fiery reds to hot pink give it loads of punch. And this yarn feels amazingly luxurious for a 97% Acrylic yarn (the 3% metallic polyester is what gives it the sparkle). What is really great is the sparkle isn’t scratchy feeling.

Of course, I can’t show you the design I’m working on, but I’ll let you know when it is available. I’m very sure this won’t be the last design I make in this yarn.

5 thoughts on “Smiling at Sparkles

  1. LOVE sparkly yarn. My current fav is Vanna’s Glamour, especially the sapphire blue. It gets rave reviews at my Saturday knit/crochet group. The Red Heart looks really lovely and I’ll check into that one, too. Can’t wait to see what your design is going to be!

    Syracuse, NY
    PS. You know my sister, Amy, from Oregon!

    1. Hi Gina, Thanks for stopping by. I do know your sister, she is a lot of fun. Clearly the yarn love runs in the family. LOL!

      Vanna’s Glamour is another lovely sparkly one, esepcially nice being a fingering weight. Shimmer is a bit heavier so is nice for fabric that needs a little more heft.

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