Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is August 8th and it was the birthday of my Grandma V. Grandma V taught me a lot about thread crochet and to appreciate quality in craftsmanship in all things.

She was my maternal grandmother and wasn’t always easy to get along with. She often was dismayed at my preference for playing in the barn and mud-puddles, and endlessly attempted to turn me into a “lady”.

She passed away nearly 20 years ago. She owned and ran a very successful antique business and had many beautiful doilies and fine pieces of crochet around her house and shop.  With all the designing I’ve done in thread crochet the past year she is often in my thoughts.

I wonder what she would think of her “tom-boy” granddaughter being a crochet designer? I’m pretty sure she would be surprised.

Watercolour Rose


Today is also the birthday of my dear youngest sister, Hatty, and my good friend Mary Beth Temple. Clearly August 8th is a date for the birth of interesting and dynamic women.

Happy Birthday to Hatty and Mary Beth too!

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