Running Around

Yes, I was running around like a crazy woman today. Trying to get things finished up because….

Jan is coming to visit starting tomorrow thru the 24th!

Since I want to be free to play and sight-see with her, I’m trying to have all my projects work and household caught up. Of course, trying is the key word there. Those old sayings about Murphy and no rest for the wicked seem to be quite true.

Good thing Jan is a crochet yarnie like myself, so I can do some “work” whilst we are playing.


We will be going down to PJ Jam at the LambShoppe this Saturday, then joining my Mountain Top Stitching Group on Sunday. Clearly getting the visit started off with some fun yarn stuff. Then hopefully part of our week will involve making stops at the various yarn stores that are part of the “Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl”

A couple of the shops involved are in Wyoming, so we may be re-tracing some of our travels from last September when we drove to Reno for the Knit & Crochet Show.

Will try to get some blog posts up about our adventures as the week goes along, but we might be having too much fun.

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