Ruffled Rose Pin

So November is zipping along already and that means big holidays just around the corner. I’ve been preparing for our Thanksgiving, ordering our turkey and coordinating with family members for getting together.

Thanksgiving is the usual starting gun for me for my Christmas panic. Suddenly it’s time for Holiday parties, school programs, and family coming to visit. This year Thanksgiving is falling a bit later in the month, so I am trying to get myself motivated early.

Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarns
Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarns

I was very excited to be reminded of a design I created for Red Heart Yarns: Ruffled Rose Pin. This fun little pin takes about 4 yards of smooth worsted weight yarn (sample used Red Heart Soft Yarn), and 15 yards of Red Heart’s Boutique “Sassy Fabric” yarn. You can get 2 pins out of one skein of the Sassy Fabric, and it comes in 9 different styles/colors.

Lace Rose

You could even substitute their “Sassy Lace” that comes in 7 different colors.

Back of Ruffle Circle

Working with a “yarn” like these is a bit different. I’m always fussing at the raw end of the fabric strip, I like my projects to look tidy and neat when I finish. I discovered some nifty tricks as I developed this design, I hid the ends inside the backing.

Finished Pin Back

As you can see in the above photo the back of the pin looks as nice as the front (my grandmother would be so proud of me).

Even with the finishing work on the back of the pin, this is a quick little project, perfect for a last-minute gift. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to make the Lace version of my Ruffled Rose Pin. Granted, I am a very speedy crocheter, but even someone working at half my speed can finish a couple of these in an evening.

Edited to add: You can find the pattern at in their Free Patterns.

2 thoughts on “Ruffled Rose Pin

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have a tutorial for this and I don’t own the rights to the design. Maybe check with Red Heart to see if they have plans for a video.

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