Little Bumpy Bag

Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarns
Photo courtesy of Red Heart Yarns

This fun little baglet pattern I designed for Red Heart Yarns is now available as a free pattern on their website.

When I was first coming up with this design I had my own clutzy tendencies in mind. I tend to get distracted and set things down in a spot where they get bumped or knocked onto the floor. So I wanted to use a stitch that would create a fairly “cushy” fabric.

This little squished cluster stitch was ideal. Using a single crochet st on either side of it gives the mini “popcorn” look. It reminds me a bit of the doilies my grandmother had on the kitchen table with bunches of grapes decorating them.

I also used a smaller size hook than I normally do, because I wanted a denser fabric. The fabric is still elastic enough to fit snugly around the phone, but it maintains the “cushion” effect with the tighter stitch work. So if you are substituting yarns, remember to adjust your hook size to get a firm fabric.

Note 2 baglet

I liked how this little bag came out so much that I decided to make a slightly larger version in Red Heart’s Boutique “Unforgettable” for my phone (minus the strap). If you need a larger version of the bag for your phone, just add chain stitches to the beginning foundation in groups of 2 until you reach the width you want your baglet to be. To fit my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone I made my foundation chain 30 and worked 5 extra rows on each side.

Thread version

A smaller version works great for a business card case. I made the example above in Aunt Lydia’s Size #3 Cotton Crochet Thread using a size E-4/3.5mm hook for the foundation chain and a D-3/3.25mm hook for the baglet. I followed the same instructions for the original baglet just leaving off the chain handle.

You could even make the original baglet in the size it is written for and use it to hold a gift card this holiday season. The baglet is the gift wrap and part of the gift.

I hope you enjoy making this fun little project as much as I did designing it.

One thought on “Little Bumpy Bag

  1. Hi Andee – I tried the free baglet pattern from red heart and did not realise who was the designer behind the baglet until now. Thank you for creating this lovely design for red heart, I loved the pattern and crocheted a baglet with my twist on it….here is the pic on my facebook page…. It’s a first for me posting pictures on facebook – I started crocheting after many many years – this was one of the few patterns that I attempted which gave me so much satisfaction and happiness. A big thank you again!!

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