Suitcase Tetris

It’s been a busy week since I got back from my trip east. But this will be the first of a number of posts to catch my readers up on what I’ve been doing.

Jan and I decided this year to have another road-trip adventure to get to the Knit & Crochet Show (or as it is fondly referred to by many of us CGOA members, “Chain Link”).  I flew out to New Jersey the Saturday before the show and Jan met me at Newark Airport. We spent a few days hanging out at her house then Tuesday morning we packed up the car to drive up to Manchester, New Hampshire.

Loading the Car 1

This is all of our luggage before I packed the car. No one ever believes me it will all fit.

Loading the Car 2

And here it all is neatly and snugly in the car. Ha!

Loading the Car 3.

There was even room for more stuff if we had it, which we did for the return trip. I didn’t get any pictures for that part of the adventure, but I had Jan’s little car packed to the max, and we could still see out the windows.

I had a lot of fun driving Jan’s car. We named her Parsippany, it was a name we saw on one of the many signs along the road during our drive. When Jan and spoke on the phone this weekend she told me that Parsippany actually averaged 40 mpg on our journey. Quite good mileage considering I have a bit of a lead foot.

Tuesday I’ll show you all my “loot” from the trip. We went to WEBS and I managed to do a some retail therapy on the Vendor floor at the show.

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