Keeping your Hands Happy

Fireworks after Game

Last night my family and I went to the Colorado Rockies Fireworks game. Usually it is on the 4th of July or very close to it, this year the Rockies were out-of-town on the 4th so it was scheduled for the 10th. My friend Terie and I have made a tradition of going to Rockies games together since before I was married. So we got tickets for my family, her and her husband. The fireworks after the game is over are always spectacular and we almost make ourselves hoarse cheering during the game.

My knitting 2

Of course, baseball is a very stop and start game, so I always bring along a crochet project to keep my hands busy during the stops. Right now I don’t have any simple crochet projects in progress (more about that later this week), so I decided to take along my current knitting project. It is a simple garter stitch scarf for my son. If I finish this scarf it will be only the second knitting project that I have finished.

The game finished up without any delays, and the Rockies Won…Yay! Unfortunately, toward the end of the game the weather started to get a little wicked. Lots of thunder and lighting and a little bit of rain. The lighting was close enough that everyone in the top levels of the stadium were asked to leave their seats and seek out shelter elsewhere in the stadium. The fireworks were still planned to happen, they were just going to be delayed while the weather passed by.

Fortunately, I had my knitting project with me so I just kept knitting along on the scarf as we waited in the massive stairway of the stadium. Which meant that I basically knit for 40 minutes straight. By the end of the evening I was feeling some aching in my hands, and had to remind myself to do some stretches to relieve my hands.

Stretches are a great way of helping prevent injury to your hands and to alleviate soreness in your hands when you’ve over done things. Ideally you would do these simple stretches every 20-30 minutes when you are crafting or doing any hand intense activities, such as typing at the computer.

Hand Stretch - Push


Pushing Open – Spread the fingers as wide as you can and arch them backwards toward the top of your forearm.

Hand Stretch - Fold 1


First Fold – Fold down fingers to touch top of palm.

Hand Stretch - Push


Repeat Pushing Open.

Hand Stretch - Fold 2


Second Fold – Fold down fingers over palm of hand touching base of palm.

Hand Stretch - Push


Repeat Pushing Open.

Hand Stretch - Fist


Tight Fist – Squeeze your fingers and thumbs into your palms as tightly as possible.

Hand Stretch - Push


Repeat Pushing Open.

Remember when you are doing any stretching/strengthening exercises you should only take the exercise to the point that is comfortable for you. You should feel a good stretch when you do these exercises. If you have severe pain from even attempting them, please stop and make an appointment to consult your healthcare provider.


9 thoughts on “Keeping your Hands Happy

  1. Thank you for the hand exercises. I will share them with my chemo cap group. We all are avid knitters/crocheters!

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