Thoughts on Paris and Peace

I was hoping to do a more substantial post today but, as many of you may also be, I’ve been distracted by thoughts of the violence in Paris last Friday.

I know there have been many reactions to this tragedy. Including comments about how this is just the latest in attacks against civilian targets. That much worse tragedies have occurred in Beriut, Syria and other regions of the world but have not raised the outcry that the Paris attacks have.

For me personally the Paris incident has been more painful because I see Paris as a city of peace. A place of wonderful Art, Food and History. I would not hesitate to get on a plane and visit Paris.

I can not say the same for many of the other regions of the world that have been experiencing this same sort of violence. And tragically the violence in those areas has become so commonplace that it is no longer considered “news”.

I don’t think it is right that this is the situation. The loss of any life is tragic, and these horrendous acts perpetrated by fanatics are horrific in the damage they do to all citizens of our globe.

Peace on Earth sm

So today’s post is about peace. I know how hopeless it all seems at times to wish for a world in peace, especially when the world is being torn to pieces. But we have to start with ourselves.

Reject the narrative that Muslims are all terrorists. Yes, these particular terrorists call themselves Muslims. But just like the Klu Klux Klan isn’t representative of all Christians, these terrorists are not representative of all Muslims.

Embrace the differences. I challenge you to find someone in your community that walks  a different spiritual path or comes from a different country and get to know them. Really get to know them. Chances are they live with many of the same day-to-day concerns that you do.

Look inside yourself and root out your assumptions about who people are based on the label they have been given, or the color of their skin. We all have these assumptions that are a part of our cultural up-bringing, but that doesn’t mean those assumptions are correct.

My mother has always said that “When you assume, you make an Ass out of U and me.” It’s a little rough, but a good thing to remember.

These are going to be my challenges too. I have friends in many walks of life and I hope to be open to learning and understanding with them as my teachers.

Peace to all of you.

May you have love and light in your life.

May comfort and kindness be yours and your gift to others.

One thought on “Thoughts on Paris and Peace

  1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Would be that we heard that more from our “leaders”. Peace and Love to all. Laura

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