Cuddly Crochet Kits

This last week has been another busy one. On top of all the other crochet work related stuff, I had a realization that Christmas is sneaking up on me far too quickly. Eek!

On Wednesday I was at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe all day. It was our monthly Casual Crochet Wednesday and I was working that afternoon as the shop’s crochet help.

C2C Scarf 1

Everyone at the Casual Crochet was working on their Corner to Corner project. I had finished my scarf and took the above photo before leaving it as a shop sample.

My friend Margie was there and she had some fun things to show me. In particular she had a crochet kit that she had picked up at Costco. The one she showed me was Disney’s “Frozen”, but she said they had Star Wars and the Peanuts too.

Frozen and Peanuts

The next day was my planned Costco trip and amazingly enough I remembered to look for the kits at my Costco. They had all 3, so I bought all 3. Not just because I was being indulgent (okay, maybe that was a little of it), but because I thought crocheting up some of the fun little figures could be good Christmas presents for my boys and a few other family members.

Star Wars Kit Open

I was so excited about the Star Wars kit that I opened it before taking a photo of it in pristine condition. As you can see the kit comes with instruction book, yarns, 2 sets of safety eyes, crochet hook, sewing/darning needle and fiber stuffing. The needle and hook are somewhat poor quality, but the little book is well worth the $12 price I paid. There are patterns for 12 Star Wars characters. The yarn included is enough to make a Storm Trooper and a Yoda.

Yoda in book

Bits for Yoda project

I decided I wanted to make a Yoda first.  Always loved this little green guy, though I think this cute little fella is going to live with my husband in his office.

Yoda hanks wound into balls

First I had to wind the little hanks into balls that I could crochet from. Was excited to get started.

Yoda head w Eyes

I changed the order of working some of the pieces for Yoda. I made his ears first so that I could sew them in place while the head was un-stuffed.

The instructions so far have been very clear and easy to follow the book is full of photo tutorials as well. So this is a great gift for crocheters on your list that want a project to get excited about. I would purchase a nicer crochet hook and darning needle to include though, especially if they don’t have a collection of their own hooks already.

Yoda w feet

I’m making pretty good progress on him so far. Just need to make his arms and little jacket. I’ll add another photo once he is finished. I won’t be giving away my kits as gifts, instead I will be making a lot of the characters as gifts. So part of my Christmas list is sorted.

Hope everyone is having a Wonderful pre-Thanksgiving Day weekend and that you are staying warm as well.


4 thoughts on “Cuddly Crochet Kits

  1. He’s adorable! And I really want to get my hands on that Frozen kit (Disney and crochet are two of my favourite things!) but we sadly don’t have Costco in the UK 😢

    1. I would search other book agents in the UK. Since it is a Disney licensed product I bet there is somewhere you could find it there. Or maybe you could find it on Amazon? The patterns are written in US crochet terminology, so you might have to translate them to what you are used to. Hopefully you can find a UK version nearer to you. I hope you are able to locate one in your area.

      1. Thank you! I’ll definitely have a look! A lot of online patterns are in US terms so I’m used to switching between US and UK, it can get pretty confusing though 😝

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