2016 Begins

Hope all my readers have had a good start to 2016. I have had a very interesting end to 2015.

When I posted before the holidays I had a brilliant plan, which of course means that said plan would be quickly and completely demolished. Isn’t there a proverb about “if you want to make the Divine laugh, make a plan.”? Certainly seems that way for most of my 2015 and the last 2 weeks proved to be no different. Sure hope the Divine is having a good laugh. Clearly I am getting many opportunities to practice my “letting go of perfect” pledge.

First off I did manage to get most of my gift items finished in time for Christmas, and had our guest room ready for my lovely in-laws visit. After those successes things got a little interesting. Starting with the in-laws arrival.

They made it to Denver without any problems and my husband took our SUV to pick them up at the airport the Monday evening before Christmas. They stopped at the grocery in Boulder to pick up a few items and while there my Father-in-Law (Baba) took a fall in the parking lot. He wouldn’t go to the hospital at that time, but by the morning he was admitting that he was hurt worse than he thought.

The plan for that Tuesday was decorating the Christmas tree with Nana and Baba and me going to town for an appointment and errands for the big day. Instead it was about getting Nana and Baba to the hospital emergency room for X-rays, stitches and a splint for some broken bones in his hand. Fortunately with some help from my sister-in-law we worked out all the logistics without too much headache for any one person.

The boys made cookies with Nana.
The kids made cookies with Nana.

The rest of the week went a little better. We had a fun Christmas with a house full of family. By the end of Christmas day I was feeling a bit worn down and the Sunday after Christmas I realized I was really coming down with a cold. I said good-bye to my in-laws Monday morning when they left for the airport, and went back to bed.

My best friends this past week.
My best friends this past week.

My grand plan for that Monday until New Year’s Day was to get lots of work done while the kids were still on school break. Unfortunately this week has instead been the “Graves Zombie Household” with both Himself and I down with this nasty virus.

Until today I was hopeful that the kids had escaped the virus, but it looks like my oldest may have been infected. I suspect my youngest is the one that gave it to us. He has always been good about sharing. He is bouncing around like a happy little puppy while the rest of us are snuffly and sneezy.

Fortunately colds do eventually run their course, and I am feeling a bit better today This is good, as I am headed to San Diego next Friday for the TNNA Winter Trade Show. Lots to get done in the next 6 days before then.

Christmas Tree

Tomorrow I finish taking the Christmas Tree down. Though I am enjoying one last night of the beautiful lights before it is down til next Christmas.

Though 2015 has been full of surprises and ended with more of a whimper than a bang, I am very optimistic about 2016. I hope to have lots of fun designs, videos, classes and some surprises to share with all of you very soon.

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