July is here Again!

It’s July again. We are half way thru the year and I’m a bit in shock that it has gone by so fast.

Fireworks after Game

This weekend is the 4th of July celebrations here in the USA. I’m not sure what my family is going to be doing on the 4th. Our typical celebration includes taking in a game at Coors Field in Denver to watch the Rockies play Baseball and staying for the fireworks show afterward.

This year we didn’t get tickets to the Rockies game, thinking that we would be out of town.  My husband’s maternal grandmother passed away this past winter and the 4th of July was also her birthday. Originally there had been some discussion about having a memorial service for her back in Dayton, Ohio on the 4th.  Those plans didn’t come together though and it was too late to purchase tickets.

Usually when we go to a game I like to have a crochet project with me to keep my hands busy during the slow times. Last year though I took a knitting project.

Beginning of my son's Christmas Scarf.

This was the scarf I was making for my oldest son for Christmas.

2016 Knitting

Funny thing is here we are at the beginning of July and I am knitting again. I’ve been working on knitted squares for a class coming up this Fall. I’ll be telling you more about that soon.

Current Crochet Projects

I’ve got 3 crochet garments that I’m also working on, but I’m not ready to show those to you quite yet. This is just a sneak peek close-up of the fabric. As you can probably tell, I’m having a lot of fun playing with V-sts still.

I hope all my American readers have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend and my readers around the globe have a great relaxing weekend that includes some relaxing play-time with yarn and family.