Posted by: mamas2hands | October 13, 2016

Changing Color, Changing the Look

We are going to have some more fun with my “Fans & Lace Afghan Square” today.


When I first designed this square I picked out 3 colors that I thought looked nice together and began to crochet. But you don’t have to stick to just 3 colors. I thought I would show you some other fun things you can do with this square by using more colors or even changing when you change colors.


For this version of my square I used only 2 colors changing color where indicated in the pattern.


In this square I used the same 2 colors, but started with the silver instead of the blue. I also changed colors every round after working the first 2 rounds. Notice the fun zig-zag effect created with the V-stitch rounds.


I was inspired by Tamara’s square ( she worked from my pattern. She used 6 colors working with the changes where I wrote them except in Round 12. I loved the orange zig-zag around her square and decided to play with that in some of my squares.


I also played with using 4 colors. Not sure how happy I am with how this square came out, but I do like the autumn colors in it.


In the pattern I have you fasten off your yarn and join with a new yarn color 7 times. If you wanted, you could use 8 different colors, like I did in the square shown above. This is a great way to use up scraps of leftover yarn in your work-basket.

To help you decide if you have enough yarn I have listed the 8 sections and the yardage each needs. I broke out the yardage for the individual rounds in the last 3 sections, in case you want to use a different color in each round. These were the yardages I used with Lion Brand Yarns “Vanna’s Choice” and a size I (5.5mm) hook. I’ve rounded the yardage up from the fractions so that you should have a little wiggle room.

If your gauge is very different from mine listed in the pattern you may have to adjust accordingly.

Rounds 1 & 2:  4 yards

Round 3:  2 yards

Round 4:  12 yards

Round 5:  4 yards

Round 6:  14 yards

Rounds 7 & 8: 26 yards  (Round 7: 10 yards, Round 8: 16 yards)

Rounds 9 & 10: 34 yards   (Round 9: 14 yards, Round 10: 20 yards)

Rounds 11 & 12: 42 yards   (Round 11: 18 yards, Round 12: 24 yards)

Now it is your turn to dive in and play with color. Be sure to stop by the blog this Saturday as it will be “I Love Yarn” day and I’ll be celebrating with a fun give-away and a video tutorial for the Fans & Lace Afghan Square.


  1. I love seeing the different color combos. Stephen West often provides different color palettes when he releases a pattern, and I think that’s so helpful and just fun.

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I like to see the different combos too. It’s loads of fun to mix it up and look at things differently than the original sample.

  2. […] I hope to be back in my studio filming in another day or 2. My cut is healing up pretty quickly. I did get this photo of the quantities of yarn needed for the Fans & Lace Afghan Square. For the actual amounts used in each round my post about changing colors can help you. […]

  3. […] Check out today’s blog post to find for some fun ideas on playing with color choices and the number of colors used in the square. “Changing Color, Changing the Look”. […]

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