Fans & Lace Afghan Square Video

After far too many adventures and the acquisition of new skills I am happy to announce that the first video for my “Fans & Lace Afghan Square” is up on my YouTube Channel. If you missed the post with the pattern you can find it here.

Click here to see it: Fans & Lace Square – Part 1


This video was coming out rather long, so I split it up. Part 1 shows Rounds 1-6, Part 2 will be Rounds 7-12 with a quick animation of Rounds 1-6.  There is still a bit more production work to finish up on Part 2. Part 1 has all the “tricky” bits of the pattern though.


Hope you are all having a great start to your week. In between working on videos and new designs, I’m in the trenches of helping my boys pull together costumes for Halloween. They’ve both picked characters from a video game called “Undertale”.




This could get interesting.

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