Happy Thanksgiving Day

It has been another busy week here at the Graves household. My boys are off from school for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we have been doing lots of family stuff. Including a quick shopping expedition with my oldest on Monday. He was complaining that his snow boots were too tight, so I took him to town to get new ones as well as some new regular shoes as well. No wonder his boots had felt too tight, he had grown 2 full sizes since last winter!

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, we are having a small celebration with just the 4 of us. We will have our traditional roasted turkey and all the fixings, this year my oldest son is planning on helping with the meal. He is developing a love for cooking, which I will be hoping to encourage over the next couple of years.


I’ve been crocheting quite a bit this week too. Working on a number of Christmas presents and a couple of new designs that I will be sharing with you soon. Best of all though, I finally finished editing the footage for my “Fans & Lace Square – Part 2”. You can find the video on my YouTube Channel now.

I’m thankful for all my wonderful readers and visitors to my YouTube Channel. For those of you in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you are all having a lovely time with family and friends.

Fans & Lace Afghan Square Video

After far too many adventures and the acquisition of new skills I am happy to announce that the first video for my “Fans & Lace Afghan Square” is up on my YouTube Channel. If you missed the post with the pattern you can find it here.

Click here to see it: Fans & Lace Square – Part 1


This video was coming out rather long, so I split it up. Part 1 shows Rounds 1-6, Part 2 will be Rounds 7-12 with a quick animation of Rounds 1-6.  There is still a bit more production work to finish up on Part 2. Part 1 has all the “tricky” bits of the pattern though.


Hope you are all having a great start to your week. In between working on videos and new designs, I’m in the trenches of helping my boys pull together costumes for Halloween. They’ve both picked characters from a video game called “Undertale”.




This could get interesting.

Loopy De Loop Necklace

Loopy de Loop Necklace

Right before I left for the CGOA conference in Charleston I posted about this necklace and said I would get the pattern up soon. It didn’t happen as soon as I had hoped, but here it is. This post contains the written pattern and I have a new video on my YouTube channel that walks you thru the pattern and the techniques you need to complete this fun necklace. It also has some animated stitch charts for those of you that like charts (like me).  Click here to watch the video: “Loopy de Loop Necklace”.

I used Classic Elite’s “Santorini” yarn for this project because of the mixture of textures and colors in each ball. You can use other yarns, just remember to adjust your hook size if you need to. I choose a size F (3.75mm) hook for my necklace because I wanted the “knot” part of my love knots to be snug, since they provide the structure of this piece.

Loopy de Loop Necklace blocked - Andee Graves M2H Designs

One thing to note, my love knots collapsed in the heat and humidity of Charleston, basically it was “blocked”. The necklace is still pretty but looks different now from my original photos.

This is a simple project, but I am using some techniques in slightly different ways. Hopefully between the pattern below and the video you will be crocheting along without any hiccups.

Loopy De Loop Necklace

designed by Andee Graves

Finished size: Approximately 32″ around

designed by Andee Graves

Finished size: Approximately 30 inches around

Materials list

Yarn: Classic Elite “Santorini” (58% Vicose/42% Cotton), 50g /125 yards.

Hook: F (3.75mm)


1 Love Knot = 1″ in length

Foundation Motif Rnd 1 = 1″ in diameter

Pattern Notes:

This necklace is worked by crocheting long Love Knot strands off a foundation motif. Each strand is attached at its beginning and end as it is worked.


Foundation Motif (dc yo-yo with chain loops)

Rnd 1: Starting with adjustable slip knot, ch 4 (counts as a dc and center), 11 dc in 4th ch from hook, sl st to top of beginning ch-4. [12 dc]

Rnd 2: (Ch 4, sk 1 dc, sl st next dc) 5 times, ch 1, sl st next st, ch 1, sl st in first ch-4 sp, sl st above ch-4 space.

Do not Fasten Off

Note: You may find it helpful to weave in the beginning tail at this point to get it out of your way. I show my favorite way of weaving in the beginning tail in my “Loopy de Loop” video.

Love Knot Strands

LdL Attaching Strands - Andee Graves M2H Designs

Note: Ends of strands are connected to the Foundation Motif in the ch-4 loops created in Rnd 2.

Strand 1: Chain extending the loop on your hook to approximately 1 inch in length, sc in back loop of ch just made, first Love Knot created, continue making love knots until strand is 27 inches long (unstretched) or 32 inches long (stretched), sl st in center of third ch-4 space along motif.

Note: My love knots are consistently an inch long, so it takes 27 of them to reach the length of strand that I used. If your love knots are consistent in size you can count  how many you have in your first strand, then crochet that number of love knots for the rest of your strands instead of measuring.

Strand 2: Sl st tightly above ch-sp to lock end of previous strand, work love knots until strand is desired length, sl st in first ch-4 space to right of previous strand starting point.

Loopy de Loop - joining to motif

Strands 3 – 28: Work similar to Strand 2, slip stitching into ch-4 spaces along the foundation motif working back and forth to fill in the ch-4 spaces.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

I hope you have fun with this project. You can vary the length and number of your strands to make a longer necklace or even a bracelet. Add beads, play with yarn, most of all…have fun crocheting.



Little Flower Video

This video has taken me more time to create than I had originally expected.  I shot the animation while on my visit to Jan’s. Took me all of Thursday afternoon and into the evening to get a few seconds of animation shot. I hope you enjoy it.

3 flowers_000001

Watch the video on my YouTubed Channel by clicking here.

Meanwhile I’ve been spending a lot of time this week proofing the patterns for my book that is coming out this Fall from Annies Publishing. Can hardly wait to show you more about that project.

Playing with Triangles – Part 2

I am very pleased to announce that I have completed my latest video and it is available on my YouTube Channel.

Click here to go see it: “Playing with Triangles Shawl”

Swatch 1 for PWT shawl

In this video I’m using a rather primitive animation technique. I took photos of almost every stitch I made working the swatch above. Then I edited them together with music and instructional text for this 1 1/2 minute long video.

Take a look and see what you think. The text pattern with photo tutorial is in my first “Playing with Triangles” post.

I’m off tomorrow to visit the Marketplace at the Interweave YarnFest and to spend some time with friends from out of town. I’m going to try to behave myself and not purchase too much yarn. But I do know I’ll be coming home with some loose wool fiber to practice my needle-felting with.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and gets some crochet time in.

Working the Whirlwind (Video)

It has been a very interesting week. Today’s post was originally planned for Tuesday, then Friday, and finally I am getting it all together for an early Saturday morning post.

Whirlwind Square - M2H Designs

This one isn’t a lot of reading. Just wanted to direct you to my new video on crocheting the first 12 rounds of my Whirlwind Afghan Square. I ended up needing to make it into 2 videos. You can find Part 1 on my YouTube Channel here:

Whirlwind How-To Part 1

I hope to have Part 2 up in the next couple of days. I have found out it takes a lot more time to edit a video than I had originally anticipated. Really love making these videos though, and I hope you find them helpful. As always I appreciate your feedback, but please remember to be constructive and kind.

Thank you to all of my readers that have been asking for this video and patiently waiting for it. I’ll try not to make you wait as long for Part 2.

For those that haven’t seen it already you can find the written pattern and photo tutorial for the “Whirlwind Afghan Square” on my post: Spirals and Squares.

I Love Yarn Day

Head and Heart full of Yarn
Head and Heart full of Yarn

Saturday October 17th is “I Love Yarn Day”. This is a day that is very aptly named for the life I lead. Of course, that is sort of my day everyday, since a love of all things yarn is what put my feet on this journey as a designer and teacher.


I was thrilled that the theme this year is “Stitch it Forward”, which is all about teaching others how to craft with yarn.

Playing and Crocheting w Andee

Very appropriate as I want to introduce you to my latest teaching tool. My YouTube Channel. I’ll be doing a series of videos titled “Playing and Crocheting with Andee”. The first 2 videos are now available and I plan to be adding to them frequently. I’ll be announcing here on the blog (and on my Facebook page and Twitter feed) whenever I have a new video up. Next month you will also be able to find a directory of my videos and the links to them on my “YouTube Channel” page here on the blog.

The first video is a tutorial on working the Adjustable Slip Knot.

The second video is a tutorial on making the Foundation Single Crochet.

I hope you have a wonderful “I Love Yarn Day” and hopefully an opportunity to teach someone else the love of yarn.