I Love Yarn Day

Head and Heart full of Yarn
Head and Heart full of Yarn

Saturday October 17th is “I Love Yarn Day”. This is a day that is very aptly named for the life I lead. Of course, that is sort of my day everyday, since a love of all things yarn is what put my feet on this journey as a designer and teacher.


I was thrilled that the theme this year is “Stitch it Forward”, which is all about teaching others how to craft with yarn.

Playing and Crocheting w Andee

Very appropriate as I want to introduce you to my latest teaching tool. My YouTube Channel. I’ll be doing a series of videos titled “Playing and Crocheting with Andee”. The first 2 videos are now available and I plan to be adding to them frequently. I’ll be announcing here on the blog (and on my Facebook page and Twitter feed) whenever I have a new video up. Next month you will also be able to find a directory of my videos and the links to them on my “YouTube Channel” page here on the blog.

The first video is a tutorial on working the Adjustable Slip Knot.

The second video is a tutorial on making the Foundation Single Crochet.

I hope you have a wonderful “I Love Yarn Day” and hopefully an opportunity to teach someone else the love of yarn.

3 thoughts on “I Love Yarn Day

  1. Thank you for finally giving me a reason to buy the Lion Bonbons! I look at them every time I am in the store, but I can’t think of a legitimate reason to buy them. Well they look so cute under that glass head, I’m just going to have to buy them for that reason if for nothing else!
    Congrats on the doing the videos. I’ll definitely check out the foundation single crochet whenever I need to refresh my memory on how it’s done!

    1. Always very happy to help my friends find a reason to indulge in yarn. I couldn’t resist the Bonbons the first time I saw them. But I hadn’t used any of them. I remembered Jack said one woman had filled a glass jar with them for décor in her craft room. So today, my Bonbons became a Yarn Brain. LOL

      If you look close you can see there is also a ball of Red Hearts “Treasures” in the neck.

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