2 Heads are Better

Just giving¬†you a little¬†peek behind the scenes of a crochet designer’s life.

Today I received some new props for the photography of my designs. Now that I am doing more indie-publishing of crochet designs I want to be able to take interesting photographs. And that means having the backgrounds and props to display the items without distracting from them.

It’s great when I can manage to get a neighbor or friend to be my model, but with my crazy schedule running my boys about and everyone else’s commitments, it is often very challenging to arrange a few hours for photography. It’s ideal to have mannequins that can be a good stand-in.

2 Glass Heads

Meet my new glass heads. I am really excited about using these for modeling hat designs. They will also very likely make appearances in other ways as props on my blog and in videos. Best thing about them is they are actual size. In the past I’ve purchased Styrofoam heads from craft stores, but they were all smaller than the average head size for an adult. They are fine for modeling children’s hats, but my adult size hats were way too large on them.

Update: For those of you that wanted to know how I found these heads, I followed a link from Crochet Envy. You can hop on over there and see if the offer is still available.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I can hardly wait to show you the rest of what I’ve been up to. I spent the last weekend with my family driving across Colorado and Kansas to visit my Dad and brothers near Topeka. It was 2 days of driving (1 there and 1 back) and one day to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Totally worth it, but definitely cut down on my work hours. So I am feverishly working on the finishing touches for some new projects to share with all of you.

I hope you’ll be back to visit soon as all will be revealed this month.