Knitting Love Adventures

 Well, the progress was slow, painful and occasionally hilarious , but this past Saturday night at my stitching group I finally got some knitting time.  The knitting love was bordering on knitting hate for awhile there.


This tiny little swatch of a mere 12 stitches and 10 rows of garter stitch took the majority of 2 hours time and much coaching from my stitching buddies. 

A Lending a Helping Hand
T Helping Out with Puzzles

Including some interventional stitching by my friends A and T when things got too maddening. Though I did not allow them to correct my unintentional increases and decreases. I felt my swatch should make it’s debut on the blog warts and all.

As my friend T tells me all the time. I crochet my knitting.  Some yarn wrangling habits are stuck in my hands. I’m definitely more accustomed to having a hook at the end of my implement.

I’m beginning to have doubts about making it to the end of the 30 days I promised myself.  Especially as there are crochet projects and patterns wanting my attention too. It may be a few days before Swatch/Fragment #2 is attempted.

3 thoughts on “Knitting Love Adventures

  1. I can relate to your struggles! My first knitting was done at school and I got sick of being made to unpick any stitch that wasn’t quite right. (Or that was seriously badly wrong – as a ten-year-old I doubt if I was too picky!)

    I eventually got over my hatred of knitting and I’m a nearly competent knitter now although I choose to crochet instead and I doubt that my feelings for knitting will ever approach my love of crochet.

    Good luck with sticking with it!

  2. I still crochet my knitting. I hold and manipulate the yarn exactly the same way as when I crochet. I’ve learned to make it work :o) I thought your swatch came out great too.

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