Knitting Love Day 12

Time to get comfy with decreasing.  The Lovely Sarah pointed me toward this online resource to help me:

One of the marvelous things about learning crochet and knitting in this era of internet videos, is how easy it can be to find someone demonstrating the technique you need. Even if it is at strange hours when all but your friends in Australia are asleep.

I did pretty well with the decreasing for 20 rows using the SKP decrease. I ran into a few little problems after that , though it worked out. 

I had so much fun making decreases and seeing how the fabric changed that I ended up knitting 2 hours today.

Now I have only 1.5 hours to make up. In 3 days, if I knit 1 hour each day, I’ll be all caught up. Yay!

More shapes tomorrow.

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