Knitting Love Day 14

I thought I would try increases today, but instead I ventured into the world of purling.  I knit “Stockinette Stitch”.

I was very pleased to discover that I didn’t have much trouble purling, though my hands were getting a bit sore.  The basic mechanics of the stitch came back to me fairly quickly.

Now if I could just figure out the most comfortable way to hold my yarn when knitting. I accidentally get it right sometimes, but when I attempt to figure out what I was doing I can’t recreate it.

I guess this is why it’s called practice. Another 2 hours knitting today though, so I’m all caught up. Though I’m realizing I can’t do much in 1/2 an hour knitting. Still too slow.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Love Day 14

  1. Yes, purling can be quite a challenge. If I could figure out a way to switch between purling and knitting that didn’t involve gymnastics with the yarn (in front, in back) I might not mind so much.

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