Rocking the Socks


Today is about crocheted socks. In particular I’m celebrating a wonderful new book from Leisure Arts written by Karen Ratto-Whooley, “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting Socks”.

I first met Karen when she and I were paired as mentor and mentee by the CGOA. Our original meetings were via email, though we finally met face to face at Chain Link 2009.  Karen is a wonderful mentor as well as a talented designer and teacher. 

My Little Sock

I was delighted to take a sock-making class with her during the Crochet at Cama Retreat. It was an informative and well-organized class, though my attempt at making a sock  was pathetic (due completely to my own short-comings). At the time she told us she had a book coming out in 2011 on crocheting socks, and I knew I would be adding it to my library.

The book is now available and is a great resource for those who have always wanted to crochet socks. Karen kindly invited me to be a part of her blog tour for this fabulous book.  As part of the fun I’m going to be giving away a signed copy of the book to one of my lucky readers.  Just leave a comment by March 16th and on St. Patrick’s Day I’ll announce the winner.

If you have never crocheted socks before the “Basic Cuff Down Sock” and “Basic Toe Up Sock” patterns that start the book are almost as good as taking one of Karen’s classes. I really like how the  sample socks were worked in different colors, so it is very clear how the parts fit together. 

There are also plenty of patterns for more experienced sock makers. The information provided on making your socks fit the feet they are made for is easy to understand. Detailed photography and clear graphics make this a book that I will be turning to regularly.

Who knows, I might eventually succeed in crocheting socks for myself.  Up here on the mountain comfy cushy socks are prized. I’ve been given some  beautiful hand knit socks over the years, but would love to make my own as well as being able to give socks as gifts.

Karen has also started a wonderful club to make it even easier for folks to learn to crochet socks. To learn more about this go check out her “Crochet Rocks Socks” club.

10 thoughts on “Rocking the Socks

  1. I love sock yarn, and have made scarves with it before. I would love to be able to make my own socks! I don’t really have anyone around interested in knitting me socks, either, and I can’t seem to get the hang of knitting, so I want to learn to crochet socks.

  2. This is awesome – I think there should be more lovely, snuggly handmade socks in the world. Don’t count this as an ‘enter’ though – I’m still going numb fingered and dropping the hook…which I then can’t pick up without hurting my injured hammy. I just had to hope in and endorse getting info out there that will increase the handmade socks of the universe.

  3. Aw, rats! Proof reading…not my long suite. That should be ‘hop’ rather than hope, but I indeed HOPE that handmade socks abound. I am a sockaholic and favor enablement!!!!

  4. I have always wanted to make crocheted socks… never got up the nerve to though.
    I hope to be making more in the future though. ^_^

  5. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing crochet sock books. I can never find socks I like in the colors I want, and I’ve been thinking seriously about just making my own.

  6. So somewhere I have a started pair of crocheted socks (one partial sock). This book looks really interesting.

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