End of the Love Experiment

Well, my experiment with knitting half an hour everyday for a month was over yesterday.

I made one more little swatch, that took me a bit over an hour to make. There was a near miss there, when I had 3 stitches pop off the end of my needle. I did manage to get them back on without losing any though. So that is an improvement in my skills.

I do feel more comfortable with the needles than I have in the past. Casting-on and binding-off are easier. I even found myself knitting “Continental” style a few times. 

I can’t say that this experiment went as hoped. For one thing, I didn’t knit everyday. My knitting ineptitude doesn’t seem much reduced, I still haven’t figured out how to increase and the “Moss” stitch seems to be completely baffling me (sad this, as I have done it before).

I have decided that I will have at least one knitting project going for the next couple of months. Something easy, like a scarf in garter stitch.  Maybe eventually I will attempt a scarf in Moss stitch.

The simple fact remains, I am devoted to my crochet hooks. I love the flow of crochet, and how easy it is for me to change direction or stitch up just about any thing I can visualize.  That ease with knitting is many years into the future, if ever, and that’s okay.

5 thoughts on “End of the Love Experiment

    1. I understand completely. I seem to be finally making a bit of progress, but it’s taken 40 years.

  1. I used to knit and crochet when I was a teenager. The crochet stayed with me, and I would pick it up occasionally for a project. I started crocheting pretty regularly again a few years ago, and I also love the way it flows and adapts. I tried knitting again a couple of years ago, and I could not figure out how to control two needles at a time! There are knit patterns I’d love to do, but trying to knit is so frustrating, and it takes so long!

    1. I have never been very good at knitting. My mom tried to teach me years ago, I couldn’t make it come together though.

      Then I picked up the sticks a few years ago and began to get better, but it is still way too slow for me. One reason I keep forgetting how to bind-off because it takes me so long to get a project finished to that point.

  2. I’m with you–I love crochet! It flows so easily for me, I like “tinkering” with patterns and ripping out stitches to try something in a slightly different way, it’s just totally me. I have tried knitting, I can do it, but I don’t enjoy it. Life is too short to make yourself do something you don’t enjoy right?

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