My Mission

One  day, about 15 years ago, I met a lady who admired the crocheted scarf I was wearing.  She recognized it as crochet and commented sadly that she used to crochet too, but had to stop because it hurt her hands.  This would not be the only time I would hear this from former crocheters.

While I was in massage school there were numerous times I met people who had to give up stitching hobbies due to hand injury or pain. I also learned that many massage therapists ended up leaving the field of massage work due to injuries to their hands and arms. This motivated me to learn as much as I could about ways to prevent injury to my own hands and to share that information with others. 

In this modern age of technological devices our hands, fingers and arms are subjected to myriad opportunities to develop repetitive stress injuries.  Add all our hobbies and driving in automobiles to this means having a strategy to prevent injury is important for everyone.

Which is why I am so pleased to be teaching at the 2011 Crochet at Cama CLF Retreat this October. 

One of the classes I am teaching is “Getting a Grip on your Crochet” where I will be sharing numerous stretches, strengthening exercises, as well as methods of modifying hooks and different hook and yarn holds to prevent injury.  

The other class is “Contemplative Crochet” where the focus of the class will be about using our crochet time as a way to balance out everyday stresses and connect to the expressive creativity that is inherent in all of us.

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