Taking Flight

My bird house art project is finished.  I worked this piece as a dimensional collage using scrap paper, colored tissue paper, acrylic paint, crocheted elements and wrapped wire sculptural pieces.

First I created pattern pieces from thin notepaper to use for cutting out the fitted pieces of scrap booking paper that would be the base for the collage on the front, back and sides of the birdhouse.

After lightly sanding the birdhouse I painted all the surfaces with gesso to provide for better adhesion of the other elements.

Then I used decoupage gel medium to collage the roof of the birdhouse with various colors of tissue paper.

In the meantime I also crocheted the embellishments that I would be using in the last stage of the collage.

Next was the painting of the details on the roof line and front of the birdhouse also sponging paint on the roof to tone down the colors of the tissue collage.

Then I adhered the pieces of scrap paper I had cut out earlier with decoupage gel medium and painted more details.

Next I used hot-glue to adhere the crochet elements and wrapped wire branches to the house. 

I liked the look of the branches so much I decided to make more.  Was a late night finishing it up, but it is now waiting with the other birdhouses for the auction tonight.

2 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. Your birdhouse is amazingly beautiful! I LOVE everything you did! I especially love the way you added the 3d with crochet. If you were in a contest, you’d wind first prize hands down!

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