Almost Forgotten

I’ve been such a busy little designer the past few months that I almost forgot I had 2 new designs coming out in the Autumn Issue of Crochet! Magazine.

Back in 2009, when I sold my first couple of designs, I would call one of my established designer friends all excited with each one.  She celebrated with me, but told me that one day I would be so busy with design work that I would forget that I had designs coming out in a publication.  Funny to realize her prediction has come true only a little over 2 years later.    

Sparkling Lace Shrug - DRG Publishing

This shrug was inspired by a Free-Form garment I made for the Fashion Show at Chain Link 2009.  I hadn’t created a pattern for it at the time but the lovely Carol Alexander finally persuaded me to create something for Crochet! based on it.  I had used yarns that were discontinued for the original, so she and I had a fun time finding yarns that would work. Once Carol and I had the yarns picked though it came together beautifully, and I wrote my first sized pattern.

Crystal Eyelet Table Runner - DRG Publishing

My house is quite small, and my two little boys tend to dominate it, so there isn’t much use for decorative touches on the table.  This is my first ever attempt at a table runner.  I’m looking forward to using it on our table at the holidays, the one time a year that I can justify “dressing-up” my table.

The Autumn 2011 issue of Crochet! Magazine should be available on newsstands and in subscriber’s mailboxes soon. Meanwhile you can see a preview of the magazine at the Crochet! website.  I hope you enjoy making these designs as much as I did creating them.

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