It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Bean!

What do you do when it there are only 10 minutes before you have to leave to take your children to a birthday/costume party and the super-hero cloak has gone missing? If you are me, you get creative. 

I knew there was not time to get the sewing machine fired up, and crocheting something was out of the question as well (I mean, I have a very fast hook but even I can’t crochet a cape in 10 minutes).

Super Bean insisted that the cloak had to be blue. Fortunately I had a couple different blue micro-fleece pieces of yardage on hand.  Micro-fleece would be ideal as it doesn’t fray and all I would need to do is cut out the appropriate shape. He picked out the blue he liked and I was off.

Quick mental calculations ensued. How could I shape this so that it would have some good flowing cape properties? And so it would not strangle my beloved “Super Bean”.  There wasn’t time to sketch or measure…this was going to be true seat-of-the-pants engineering.

Because time was limited I didn’t take pictures of the process.  But the negative space in the photo above gives you an idea of how the cape was cut out. 5 minutes later, a bit of face painting and Super Bean was off to his party ready to leap tall buildings and demolish birthday goodies.

When he returned from the party I was allowed to spread out the cape and take a photo.  It clearly stood up well to all the rigors of the party. It is now a beloved new addition to the costume box.

And Mommy is the real super hero of the day.

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