My Little Purple Wagon

Okay, it’s not really a wagon. But it does sort of behave like one.

This is my new Tutto Carry-on. It has 4 wheels that can go in all different directions, an incredibly strong yet lightweight frame, and a nifty telescoping handle that allows me to either push or pull the case when it is full.

After my recent trip to Phoenix for the TNNA Winter Show I knew I needed a better way to carry stuff at shows I attend. My neck, shoulders and back were not happy with me hauling around heavy totes.  My big black bag will still be useful at shows and conferences, but hopefully this little “wagon” will also serve me when I need something that can manage the weight better than my shoulders.

What is really nifty is how it folds up so I can store it easily between trips.  I’ll give a more comprehensive review in the Fall once I’ve tried it out on a trip.

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