Another Crocheter

One of my very favorite things is getting other folks excited about crochet.  So I teach, whenever and where ever I get an opportunity.  Last night I was in Denver at the LambShoppe’s PJ Jam and I had a great time working with the lovely Jill to help her “re-learn” crochet. 

She said it had been many years since she had crocheted and she had known how to make granny squares.  She had inherited her grandmother’s crochet hooks and some other needle-crafting supplies so wanted to get back into the craft.

She had decided to make a scarf for her first project, so I taught her a simple V-st pattern.  And before we all knew it she was stitching away. It was so exciting to see her having a great time playing with yarn. 

She did an awesome job with my rule #1 when crocheting: You have to have Fun!