Taking a Breath

This has been an amazingly busy week. 4 different deadlines as well as a more than usual busy balancing act with family life.

Fortunately I had scheduled appointments to get a massage and see my chiropractor this past Friday.  That helped with some of the tension in my body. Then I took all day yesterday as a “computer free” day. I read a book, watched a movie with my children and did some relaxing crochet. The computer spent the day all alone in my design office, which I did not set foot in.

Now I feel rested and ready to tackle some more deadlines.

Sometimes in the midst of “busy” we all feel like we don’t have the time or money to do the things needed to take care of ourselves.  But stopping and taking a breath can mean the difference between a healthful quality filled life and a stressful non-healthy life.  Just a reminder to myself and all my dear readers.

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