Happy NatCroMo!

It’s National Crochet Month here in the US, and on Ravelry it is being celebrated as International Crochet Month…since that is a very international crowd and there is a fun Party going on over there if you’d like to join in.

This is a month to celebrate all that crochet is and can be.  The multitude of myths about crochet abound, and I am planning to blog about some and “de-bunk” them thru-out this month.  We will also be taking a look at some of my own crochet history, as well as solving some of my crochet “mysteries”.

Starting with one of my very first crochet hooks.  I’m not sure when this crochet hook came into my possession. But best guess is it was around 40 years ago.  Looking at the markings on the hook it is an older Boye J hook.  One side of the thumbrest says, “Boye” , the other says, Size J U.S.A.  It doesn’t have any mili-meter measurements on it. 

So I’m curious, does anyone have any idea when this hook might have been manufactured by Boye? Leave your thoughts in the comments and maybe we can figure out this minor mystery together.

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