Amazing Slip Stitches

I’ve been crocheting for a very long time. And I’ve used many a slip stitch. They are a vital part of seamless construction and working in the round.  Two of my very favorite techniques in crochet.

But shortly after I joined Ravelry I started hearing about a technique called “Slip Stitch Crochet”. A fellow raveler and designer, David Burchall, was at the forefront of many of these conversations. He crocheted, and he wanted to crochet “masculine” fabric that he would be comfortable wearing. He liked the look of many knit fabrics but had not had good success with learning to knit. So David began to experiment with Slip Stitch crochet as a way to create the fabric he wanted.

About the time I was hoping to experiment with learning these new slip stitch techniques David went thru some big changes and disappeared from the Ravelry world for a while. So I put that pursuit on the back burner, and then life got busier for me as my “part-time” work as a designer turned into “full-time”. Once David was back and providing information on slip stitch again I was too hectic.

Then the classes for the 2012 Knit & Crochet Show came out. Vashti Braha was teaching Slip Stitch classes. I wasn’t able to take the classes in Manchester because they were offered on my busiest day with the CGOA Design Competition. But they were first on my list for the Reno Show.

I was so excited for the class to begin and Vashti did not disappoint. I’m generally pretty slow in class working on the swatchs, but I didn’t mind as Vashti touched upon each technique and provided a comprehensive 3 page handout that gave me all the information I needed to keep practicing.

Back Loop Sl St – Uber Stretchy fabric

Even though my tension was a bit wonky with the swatch I really liked the stretch of this fabric. Had a cushy feel that was really nice, I’m thinking my husband may be getting a hat for Christmas made with this stitch technique.

Bosnian Sl St /Back loop and Front loop

I loved the curl of the fabric with the Bosnian front loop sl st, reminds me of the rolled edges for neck and cuffs on many knit sweaters. (If you are wondering what that yummy yarn is in my photos, it is “Unforgettable” from Red Heart in the Tidal colorway)

I’m really looking forward to playing with this technique more and am hoping that Vashti will be offering more slip stitch classes at next year’s shows. Meanwhile you can visit Vashti’s website and subscribe to her wonderful newsletter to learn more about this enticing technique.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Slip Stitches

  1. Hi Andee, your slip stitches are looking *fabulous*. LOVED having you in my class and thank you so much for blogging about it. I had a similar early introduction to the idea of slip stitch crocheting as you — David Burchall’s inspiring approach. I think he pioneered vertical ribs, which are amazing.

    1. Hey Vashti! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, David’s vertical rib swatches were what got me super interested in trying Slip Stitch Crochet. I am really looking forward to learning and practicing more with this technique.

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