Beads & Jelly

It’s been a crazy busy week as I finished up design projects to ship to an editor. So tonight, after getting the projects blocking, I decided I deserved a little “play” crochet time.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with the “love-knot” from Vashti’s class I took in Manchester this past summer. She had talked about how fun love knots are to work with beads for simple jewelry.

I decided for my purposes I would use some of the Jelly Yarn “thread” or “super fine” and some iredescent E-beads I had on hand. The best thing about Jelly Yarn for working with beads is you don’t need a needle to get the beads on the “yarn”.

For this experiment I wanted to make the love knots about a half inch long, the springiness of the jelly yarn would cause them to open up nicely.

I started with a single crochet in my beginning chain, then I worked my love knots by pulling the loop on my hook up to 1/2 an inch long.

I slid one of the beads up to the base of my working yarn, then pulled thru a loop like making a chain.

Then, I worked a sc in the back bump of the chain stitch as my “knot” sc.

I repeated these steps for a while, and the photo above is what I came up with so far this evening.  I’m not 100% sure if I like it enough to keep it.  So I’ll look at it again tomorrow (or maybe in a few days) and decide. Time for a good night’s sleep now.

10 thoughts on “Beads & Jelly

    1. I think it would, but you would have to shape the loops a bit more. I’m also wondering how flexible it would be? Couldn’t hurt to try though if you have some wire on hand.

  1. I just looked at the website…they have glow in the dark. What have you started? (That’s the question my husband is going to ask you when I start buying this stuff.)

    1. Thanks Vashti, I had a lot of fun playing with it. The Jelly yarn is very sprongy, so the loops are really exaggerated. Now I just need a beach to wear it to. LOL!

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