As we Wait

Well, today is all about Voting, then the long wait to see how the various ballot issues and races turn out. I’m crocheting away on super secret projects between driving folks to the polls, so can’t share pics of those.  Instead it is time for some doggie pics, cause I think she is super cute, and we all could use a bit of comic relief right now.

My sweet girl, Kenna taking a nap. Notice how the trim is missing on some of her cushion? That is because she can be Ms. Destructo at times.

Pink paw pads on a white footsie (wow! somebody needs a pedicure).

Early morning belly rubs.

Pretty pink spot on her chin (it’s a doggie beauty mark).

#1 reason it is hard to take her picture….she wants to “get” the camera.

A friend mentioned that I need a “puppy” category. I went with “Doggies” though, since I foster more than puppies and technically Kenna isn’t a puppy anymore (though she will always be my puppy, sort of like how my kids are still my babies).

Happy Election Day dear readers, I hope you’ve had a chance to vote and are now entertaining yourselves until the results come in.

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