The World of FreeForm

As many of you know, I love to create art pieces as well as design crochet patterns. I’m a member of the FreeForm Fiber Artists Guild. Every year we vote on a topic and have a challenge to create a freeform piece that reflects our topic. The last couple of years I’ve not managed to participate. Fortunately this year I was able to join in.

Suspended Jewel - all rights AF Graves
Suspended Jewel – all rights AF Graves

Our topic was “Mother Earth”, which is very inspiring to me. I’ve long been a big fan of images of the earth from space, so that is right where my mind went. After playing with the colors of yarn in my stash, I opted to go with a somewhat simple graphic representation of the gorgeous world we all live on.

This year’s Gallery is available online here. Check out all the wonderful creative works by my fellow guild members.

One thought on “The World of FreeForm

  1. Funny, I was looking at that earlier in the day. Someone had linked the Gallery in one of my groups. Yours was one of my favorites and I didn’t even know it was yours. LOL.

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