Seated for Crochet (Part One)

This post today is actually dedicated to my good friend Julia (@AberrantCrochet). Sadly, we don’t get to see each other much, but we communicate online. She recently tweeted a photo of a chair someone had decorated using crochet motifs.


I thought this chair was really fun, and it reminded me that I really want to crochet a chair “cozy” for an old beat-up chair of mine.

chair uncovered

Originally this chair belonged to a friend from massage school. She was getting rid of it and I took it off her hands. There was something about the shape and size of it that really appealed to me. Still does for that matter.

The upholstery was in rather worn condition, but I decided to sew a polar fleece covering for it and put it in my massage office as my “client” chair. It served that purpose well for many years.

Reading Chair in Boys' room when it was new.
Chair moved into Boys’ room as Reading spot.

Then I got a small sofa for my office about 7 years ago and I moved the chair to my boys’ room for a reading chair.  Between dogs and boys the polar fleece cover has taken quite a beating. Which is what originally got me thinking that a colorful covering crocheted in 100% acrylic yarn might actually hold up better.

I’m going to use the old polar fleece cover to create a template that I will crochet pieces to fit. That way the chair can still be in use while I’m making the cover. Another option would be to crochet “scrumbles” and pin them to the chair until there are enough to join them together. But I want the boys to be able to continue to use the chair while I work on this project. My goal is to have it finished by the end of 2016.

Next step in this project will be to pick out the yarn I’m going to use. I have a lot of acrylic yarn in my stash, so it is going to be mostly about deciding what colors I am going to use.  I also need to decide what style of crochet I’m going to use.  Will it be a “Free Form” scrumbled looking piece or will it be more large swatches of more regular crochet fabric. I suspect it will be a combination of both once I really get working with hook and yarn.

I’ll keep updating here on the blog as this project evolves. This one will take some time, mainly because I’ll be fitting it in around my other crochet work.

2 thoughts on “Seated for Crochet (Part One)

    1. I really need to get one up. Been a crazy year. I have been working on the chair a little. But it’s still in beginning stages. May be more like the end of 2017 before it is finished.

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