Let It Snow

Snowy Front yard ThanksgivingAh yes, winter has made itself known here on the mountain. No matter that the calendar says that it’s still Fall until December 20th.

Warm Fire

Our Thanksgiving holiday was a very snowy one. Fortunately we hadn’t planned to go anywhere, so we enjoyed the snow with a lovely warm fire in the wood stove and lots of good food on the table.


We watched the first 3 Star Wars movies (which are called Episodes 4, 5 and 6…yes I know it’s confusing). I finished crocheting my Yoda amigurumi from the kit I showed you. That is one Christmas present done for the boys, but quite a few things remaining.

Light as Lace Snowflake - M2H Designs
Light as Lace Snowflake – M2H Designs

With less than a month to Christmas-time I started working on a new snowflake motif.  Hopefully I’ll have the pattern ready to share with all of you in the next week. Though the way this year has gone by so swiftly I’m not 100 percent sure I can pull it off. Edited 12/10/2015: The pattern for this snowflake is now available for free here on the blog. Lacy Snowflake

Meanwhile if you are looking for some quick crochet projects for your holiday gift-giving you might want to take a look at some of my patterns on my Ravelry Designer Page.


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