Jan & Andee’s NY Adventures

The last time I came out to visit Jan we had planned to take the train into New York City to go to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio and Kinokuniya Book store. Unfortunately, Jan injured her foot and was in no condition to deal with the amount of walking that would be involved. Instead, the lovely Mary Beth Temple drove us into the city and even got us to our various destinations.

Princeton Jnctn Stn

This trip Jan and I wanted to try out our original plan of taking the train from New Jersey to NYC Penn Station. Jan had done a lot of research and after a brief reccie the day before, we were ready to catch our train to the city Monday morning after most of the commuters had already taken their trains.

Degas Dancers

Our day’s itinerary was focused on going to MoMA to see the Degas exhibit. We would walk from Penn Station to the museum taking a route that passed by a number of iconic NYC sights like the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. So today’s post is all about photos.

Madison Sq Garden

I had headed Jan and I in the wrong direction from Penn Station but Jan got me straightened out. Clearly I’m good at geometry not geography. But I did get a decent shot of one of the entrances to Madison Square Garden.

Empire State Building

My first bucket list item was getting a photo of the Empire State Building. I got lots, but this is the one I’ll share with you today.

NY Public Library

Next we were headed north for MoMA, with plans to stop for lunch at a little restaurant that Jan had researched. Next photo stop was the NYC Public Library. I love the Lions on either side of the front steps.

Empire State Building

Then Jan spotted the Chrysler Building so I got a quick photo, that was a “bonus” sight and completely serendipitous.

Degas Dancers

After we purchased our lunch it was off to MoMA. No photo of the entrance cause I was too excited. Here is a photo of one of the Degas paintings. If you are in the area get yourself to MoMA to see this wonderful and inspiring exhibit.

MoMA Gifts for the boys

I got presents for the boys at the gift shop.

My Goodies from MoMA

And goodies for me (of course).

Rockefeller Center

Next we headed back to the train station. Stopping by Rockefeller Center on the way.

NBC Door Pull

Had to get a photo of the NBC Peacock door pull.

Gigantic Button and Needle in Garment District

Loved this gigantic button and needle in the Garment District.

More later.



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