Here comes Summer!

I know for lots of folks the start of summer is Memorial Day weekend. Since that is this coming weekend we are nearly there. For my family though, the start of summer is when school ends and this Thursday is the last day of school for my 2 monsters. They are counting down.

Thing 1 hiking 2

My oldest and I are already planning what hikes we are going to do over the summer. We have a plan of starting out with some short local hikes and building up to longer and higher altitude ones later in the season. He has always been my hiking buddy, even when he was small. The photo above was my improvised backpack for him to carry his supplies on a hike.

Mr Sparkle Yarnit

Of course with all that hiking you might think I’ll be taking a break from crocheting. Not the case at all, I’ll be taking projects with me on the hikes and I’ll be keeping my yarn neat and safe in my awesome “Yarnit”. I love this clever little yarn carrier, and it is perfect with it’s nifty strap for taking on hikes or car trips this summer.


I actually own 2 Yarnits. One that I purchased at the TNNA Winter Show in 2015. It was a new product at that show and I was really excited about it. The only issue I had with it was that the closure was a bit loose and the 2 halves would come apart when I was wearing it with the shoulder strap

Cherry Yarnit 2

Fortunately the lovely Kate Sullivan, creator of the Yarnit, had come up with a solution. This nifty little rubber plug fits in one of the ports along the closing seam and keeps it all together.  All Yarnits come with this feature now.

I purchased my second Yarnit at the Longmont Yarn Shoppe. Gail had gotten in some of the “Mr. Sparkle” Yarnits, so I needed one (yes, I needed one). I’ve got projects in both of my Yarnits and love how easily the ball of yarn can move inside the globe. No more tug of war with my yarn when I am rocking along on a project.

Now Kate is developing a larger version of the Yarnit for those bigger skeins of yarn, or multi-color projects. She has a KickStarter fund-raiser going on right now to get it in production. Click here to find out more about the “Big Sully” and the awesome funding rewards.

I hope everyone has a good start to their summer.

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